Supporting Campers With Disabilities

The Tikvah program at Ramah Berkshires is a continuously growing and evolving initiative. We are proud to offer Jewish children with a wide range of disabilities the opportunity for growth in the areas of Jewish identity, socialization, independence, and much more.

The program is an integral part of the Ramah Berkshires community and currently consists of two tracks: Breira B’Ramah and our Tikvah residential program.

What is Breira B’Ramah?

The Breira B’Ramah Program is a full session inclusion program for campers who need additional support. Campers in Breira live in a bunk, side-by-side with their same age peers. All three counselors in the bunk are specially trained to support all of the campers within the bunk. We serve a variety of campers, including those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, communication disorders, developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through an individualized and inclusive approach, campers become immersed in a traditional Jewish summer camp.

What is the Tikvah residential program?

The Tikvah residential program at Ramah Berkshires offers campers ages 11-15 the complete scope of Camp’s activities throughout the course of a session. Some of our sessions run for 12 days and others run for close to four weeks. The program is designed for campers who require a higher need of support and may be diagnosed with intellectual or developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders and neurological impairments.

The highly structured day offers various opportunities to learn and grow through real camp experience. Campers participate in classic camp activities, such as swimming, athletics, performing and visual arts, and outdoor adventure. They sleep in a separate bunk and have dedicated Tikvah staff. The bunk is equipped with air-conditioning and the staff-to-camper ratio is higher than in a typical bunk at Camp.

Jewish Living

Campers in both Breira B’Ramah and Tikvah are fully immersed in Jewish life and Hebrew language. From spirited morning prayers and daily interactions with Israeli staff to Hebrew singing and dancing in the chadar ochel (dining room), Tikvah campers enjoy and celebrate their Judaism and Jewish culture.

Health and Safety

The Tikvah Director works closely with each family to monitor every individual camper’s special needs and trains the counselors in the program to assist campers with self-care. The Ramah Berkshires professional Marp (health center) staff of doctors and nurses provide immediate medical attention whenever necessary.

For more information about our Tikvah programs, please contact our Director of Camper Care & Inclusion, Elisheva Layman Salant, or our Family Relations & Outreach Coordinator, Yael Wallen