Alumni Community

Founded in 1990 as a way to provide scholarships to campers in needed, the Ramah Berkshires Alumni Association has developed into much more. The RBAA brings together alumni of all ages to reunite friends, to reminisce about the old days, and to strengthen our bonds with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. The RBAA is committed to supporting camp to ensure tomorrow’s campers receive the best Jewish camping experience available by enhancing summer programming, supporting capital projects and providing much needed scholarship money so that all children can benefit from the Ramah experience.

Throughout the year, the RBAA plans various events for CRB Alumni to stay connected with Camp and each other! Contact us to get involved!

The RBAA Hanhallah 2017-2018

President: Rebecca Kahn (Gesher ’97)
Liaison to the Camp Board: Julia Paris (Gesher ’02)
Vice President: Matt Albert (Gesher ’01)
Co-Secretary: Sigal Hirsch (Gesher ’05)
Co-Secretary: Haley Vogel ( Gesher ’05)
RBAA Board Member: Annie Zaks Kaufman (Gesher ’02)
Roshei RBA: Scott Scheff (Gesher ’08) & Eli Grossman (Gesher ’06)
Vice President and Co-Rosh Giving Back: Amy Winiker (Gesher ’04)
Co-Rosh Giving Back: Amalia Safran (Gesher ’07)
Co-Rosh Giving Back: Debbie Kruger (Gesher ’07)
Co-Rosh Networking: Arielle Mallen (Gesher ’07)
Co-Rosh Networking and Co-Rosh Labor Day: Arielle Glaser (Gesher ’06)
Co-Rosh Social Media and Co-Rosh Labor Day: Jonny Gottlieb (Gesher “07)
Co-Rosh Social Media: Danielle Segal (Gesher ’06)