Ramah Berkshires creates joyful Jewish experiences for campers, staff, families, and communities of the New York Metropolitan area. Located on over two hundred acres in lower Dutchess County, Ramah Berkshires provides an immersive Jewish camping environment in which campers will learn new skills and develop lifelong friendships. Our campers participate in a mix of arts, athletics, and outdoor education programming infused with a love of Israeli culture and Jewish heritage. Through shared prayer, song, and communal living our campers and staff develop strong Jewish identities. Ramah Berkshires is an inclusive community with the Tikvah/Breira B’Ramah program helping children with learning and social challenges experience the magic of a Ramah summer.

On a typical day, campers begin with breakfast and tefillot (morning prayers), have the opportunity to enjoy the agam (lake), and participate in a wide range of activities: sports, outdoor adventures, arts, and much more! As our campers get older, they gain more control of their schedule and are able to opt into elective activities. Before turning in for the night, each edah (division) gathers together for a spirited and fun evening activity. You can view a sample schedule here.

Every child is unique and we are always happy to have an individual conversation with you to discuss your child. When kids are excited about the idea of camp, it usually means they’re ready! At the same time, we advise parents to remember that it is normal for kids to have some nervousness or anxiety about spending summer away from family. We are intentional about how we plan and structure the critical first few days of Camp, so that kids have fun, start making friends and feel safe–after only a few days, most kids feel right at home!

Ramah Berkshires has programming for campers entering grades 3 – 11.

Camp has two sessions. The first session is approximately four weeks, while the second session is approximately three weeks. Campers entering 4th grade may choose from the first or second session. Campers entering grades 5 – 8 may enroll in either one session or the entire summer. Campers entering grades 9 – 11 must enroll for the entire summer experience. Ta’am Ramah (Taste of Ramah) is an eight day program for first time campers entering 3rd grade. Click here to see 2023 Ta’am Ramah dates.

Yes! When our enrollment forms go live, typically in February, you will receive an email explaining how to access your camper forms including the optional “New Camper Connection” form. Your information will be shared with other families and vice versa. You are welcome to arrange playdates and reach out to the other parents before Camp starts.

All campers live in bunks with 12–16 campers and two to five trained staff. Bunks are divided by gender and school grade. Campers are provided shelving for personal possessions. Each bunk has two showers, sinks, and bathrooms. Bunking requests can be submitted via our digital form in the spring.

Our Medical Center, lovingly known as the “marp”, serves all of our Camp’s medical needs. If your child takes medication, it will be administered at the marp. We work with a third party medication distributor where you will be able to fill your child’s prescriptions and order the necessary medications for their time at Camp. If you have specific concerns about your child’s medical needs, please contact our medical team at marp@ramahberkshires.org.

Yes, we have your child’s food allergies covered—the most important job we do at Ramah Berkshires is to safeguard your child’s health and safety. Camp is “nut aware.” We do not serve or cook with any products containing nuts or traces of nuts. Specific camper food allergies are addressed on an individual basis. Contact campercare@ramahberkshires.org to discuss food allergy issues.

Ramah Berkshires is a caring and inclusive community serving campers who have a wide range of Jewish knowledge, backgrounds and practices. We have a roughly even mix of campers who attend Jewish day school and attend public or secular schools. As the camping arm of the Conservative Movement, we take seriously the aspects of our mission that are based on Jewish life, learning, and tradition—including keeping Shabbat and Kashrut—and our staff works to ensure that all campers, regardless of background, feel comfortable within the Jewish framework of Camp.

Ramah Berkshires is infused with the best of the tradition and values of Conservative Judaism, including Hebrew language. It’s not at all necessary for our campers to have prior knowledge of Hebrew to enjoy or participate in Camp, but we do embrace our heritage by incorporating Hebrew vocabulary into each aspect of our daily peulot (activities). No matter the camper’s Hebrew background, they will quickly pick it up. This glossary can help you get familiar with Ramah Berkshires “lingo.”

During the first few days of Camp, counselors will facilitate ice breakers amongst campers both in the bunk and within the whole edah (division). Our staff will give campers a tour so they become familiar with the campgrounds and will orient the campers to many aspects of the Camp day, including meals and activities. Counselors will intentionally set expectations and routines within the bunk so that campers become more comfortable. Your child will be introduced to treasured camp traditions, rituals, dances and songs, which will help them adjust to being part of the Camp community.

The Ramah Berkshires experience begins when your child boards the bus along with the other campers and staff. Buses depart for Camp from various locations around the tri-state region. As we get closer to opening day, more information will be made available about specific departure points.

While your child is at Camp you can send letters through the postal service or email your child(ren) through our online system. Campers cannot email their parents back. Each day, except Shabbat, emails are printed and distributed with the mail delivery.

Yes! Visiting Day for full summer campers is July 23, 2023. We are eager for your children to show you around Camp and share their wonderful experiences. Please note: Certain guidelines may be adjusted as we follow COVID-19 protocols. We will, of course, keep you informed based on the advice of our medical committee.

We are proud to offer a range of options for campers with disabilities. Our Breira B’Ramah program is for full session campers who are integrated into bunks with their peers. Our Tikvah program is designed to serve campers ages 11-14 with higher needs and runs for 12 days. Eligibility for these programs is determined on a case by case basis. If you are interested, please contact our Director of Community Care & Inclusion, Elisheva Layman Salant, for more information.

Yes! We believe that Ramah Berkshires should be accessible to every family who wants to be part of our community. Click here to learn more about financial assistance.

We are looking for energetic and talented staff members to join our tzevet (staff). There are many opportunities ranging from bunk counselors to lifeguards to nurses. Click here for more information or email staff@ramahberkshires.org.