Dates & Rates

Summer 2023 Dates

Opening DayTuesday, June 27
End of First SessionSunday, July 23
Visiting DaySunday, July 23
Start of Second SessionTuesday, July 25
Closing DayWednesday, August 16
Ta'am 1 Monday, July 24 - Sunday, July 30
Ta'am 2 Monday, July 31 - Sunday, August 6
Tikvah pilot programSunday, July 30 - Thursday, August 10

2023 Full Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees$11,245$7,645$6,345$1,600$2,800
Security Fee$200$100$100


Early Application Discount by October 19, 2022$150$75$75
Early Payment Discount by November 15, 2022$150$75$75

Tuition & Camp Fees (included in total cost above): “Tuition” includes room, board and programming. “Camp Fees” cover mandatory bus transportation to and from Camp, canteen visits, trips, insurance, Camper e-mail service and a Camp T-shirt. These are not prorated, discounted or refundable. Fees are $600 for full session campers and $400 for one session campers.

Security Fee: This fee covers costs related to our full-time security, providing a safe environment for our campers, staff, and community. The Security Fee is $200 for full session campers and $100 for one session campers.

Luggage delivery is not included in the fees. There will be a separate fee approximately $250 for mandatory roundtrip luggage delivery. The fee is payable to an external company.

Bogrim (Entering 9th grade), Machon (Entering 10th grade), and Gesher (Entering 11th grade) Activity Fee: An additional $495 will be added for each Camper entering ninth through eleventh grade to cover the cost of additional age appropriate in and out of camp activities.

Medical Fee: There is a possibility there will be additional medical and other related costs during summer 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will have a better assessment as the off-season progresses and we will update you with actual cost during the year. We do not anticipate that the fee will exceed $150.

Medication Compliance: All medications (prescription and over-the-counter including nose sprays, inhalers, vitamins, and any other supplements, etc.) must be sent to camp via CampMeds. If you send medication not through CampMeds, without prior authorization from CampMeds and the infirmary (the “Marp”), you will be charged $100 per camper per medication.

Tikvah Program: Beginning in 2023, we will be offering a 12-day self-contained program for campers who have a range of intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. This program will provide support for campers who benefit from a modified camp schedule and higher staffing ratio. Tuition for the Tikvah Program is $2800. For more information about how to apply for this program, email

Breira B’Ramah Program: This is an inclusion program for campers who benefit from additional support due to Communication Disorders, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, ADHD, or Autism. There is an additional fee of $600 per session for this program. For more information, email

Ta’am Ramah Program: This one-week program gives rising third graders a taste of camp. The deposit for Ta’am Ramah is $500. Tuition for Ta’am Ramah is $1,600.

Program Changes: We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and may have to make adjustments accordingly to our Summer 2023 sessions and programs.

Enrollment and Deposit Information: Submission of your application does not automatically enroll your child in Camp. We will send you an enrollment confirmation once your child has been accepted.

All application deposits must be paid by credit card and will not include a credit card processing fee. Once your application is processed and your child is officially enrolled, we will charge your credit card and email you to confirm enrollment.

All subsequent payments made by credit card will incur a 3% processing fee or by e-check (no fee).

Tuition Payment Options:
(a) to pay via progress payments by credit card or e-check;
(b) to pay via progress payments by post-dated checks;
(c) to pay in full by credit card or e-check.

Early Application Discount: An early application discount of $150 for full-season campers and $75 for one-session campers will be applied for applications received by October 19. The discount is applied to the final tuition payment and may not be deducted from the deposit.

Early Payment Discount: An early payment discount of $150 for full-season campers and $75 for one-session campers will be applied for tuition paid in full by November 15. The discount is applied to the final tuition payment and may not be deducted from the deposit. Postdated checks may be used to achieve early payment pricing. All checks must be cleared on time in order for any discounts to remain in effect. Six postdated payment checks must be received in the office on or before November 15, 2022 to achieve the early payment discount.

Session Change Fee: Changes from full season to single session made between February 1 and April 1 will be assessed a $300 fee. After April 1, the fee is $1,000.

Financial Assistance: Need-based financial assistance is available. The FACTS application will be live on October 1, 2022. Award notifications will happen on a rolling basis. Please visit our Financial Assistance page to access the FACTS application.

Method of Payment:
For deposit payment: Application deposits may be made by credit card and are not subject to a credit card

For all subsequent payments:
Post-dated Checks- payable to Camp Ramah in the Note: A $30 fee will be assessed for each check returned to us bounced or unpaid by your bank and any tuition discounts will be forfeited.
Credit Card– payments made by credit cards will incur a 3% processing.
E-Check– payments made by e-Check and will not incur a fee.

Deposits: A deposit must accompany each application per the schedule below. The deposit is part of total tuition.

Payment Schedule:
Option 1: Pay in Full by November 15, 2022 (see the early payment discount information)
Option 2: Progress Payments (six monthly payments from November, 2022 – April, 2023)

Deposit Schedules

Application DateDeposit
Through October 31, 2022$500
November 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023Progress Payment to Date
After March 31, 2023Payment in full must accompany applications submitted after March 31, 2023


For enrollment cancellations before a Camper's arrival at Camp, a fee will be charged:

February10% of tuition
March or April20% of tuition
May or June50% of tuition

Camper Withdrawals: Refunds will not be offered after the start of Camp for withdrawals initiated by parents or if a camper is sent home due to behavioral misconduct. For other withdrawals, a prorated portion of the tuition will be refunded after deducting a withdrawal fee of half the tuition.

Please contact Yoni Saposh, Chief Operating Officer (845) 832-6622 x101 or as early as possible if you require special consideration in scheduling payments.