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Ramah Retreats – Religious Policy

At Ramah we strive to meet the standard of a religious community. Therefore, all programs that use our facilities are expected to follow our religious policy.

Except for emergencies, guests are prohibited from entering or exiting Camp grounds for the duration of Shabbat. All participants must arrive before Shabbat and may not depart until after Shabbat has ended. We also encourage all guests to refrain from using electronics in public spaces.

No outside food or drink may be brought into the dining room. All food brought to camp must have a proper kosher symbol.

In accordance with the Shabbat observance policy at Ramah we make the following activities available to groups on Shabbat: swimming, sports, hiking, and limited elements of the low ropes course.

The leaders of the group are expected to make sure that all visitors to Ramah abide by these religious standards.

Ramah will check and maintain a kosher eruv. Ramah will also provide a limited quantity of siddurim, chumashim, and birchonim. Ramah will also provide a Sefer Torah if requested at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Adopted by Rabbi Eliezer Diamond

Scholar in Residence

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires