Whats Cooking in Mitbachon!

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MitbachonMitbachon at RAMAH isn’t just about cookies! At machaneh Ramah, the two   mitbachon locations are happening places. Chanichim are cooking foods from around the world and trying new foods and recipes everyday. Picking herbs and vegetable from our gardens and incorporating them into dishes is part of the mitbachon experience. Of course we also bake the occasional Israeli map cookies or brownies. However, this summer the curriculum includes making lafa bread over a fire, fresh chumus, borekas, healthy date bars and even vegetable sushi. Joining the Mitbachon staff for the second session, in the Beit Breira kitchen, Jennifer Wachs and Pam Craig introduce campers to the art of making healthy but yummy foods. All the chanichim learn that tasty, yummy and healthy are synonymous. It is amazing to watch kids picking vegetables from the garden to put on our homemade mitbachon pizza. The chanichim are ready to compete in the next Master Chef show!

As an educator, Roni believes that cooking with kids is a great way for kids to practice math and science skills. As a Jewish educator, she feels it’s great to teach campers about the Jews of Tunisia while making shakshooka and the Jews of Yemen while making malawach.

Please remember to ask your children to share mitbachon recipes at home!