Tzeirim – Week 7

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tze 1 week 7.jpgTzeirim had a super fun week this week.  On Sunday, we had an awesome time at the rikkudiah (dance festival), preforming our edah dance in front of the entire machane.  We switched gears on Monday, when chanichim from Camp Ramah in the Poconos arrived to play several sports tournaments together. We also competed in tug -of -war and capture the flag and enjoyed mingling with chanichim from another Ramah. Yom Daled was another great adventure at Sports Time USA with a Baskin Robins treat at the end of our excursion. Finishing up the week, we  had the opportunity to watch some of the Yom Palmer games and participated in a wide variety of interesting peulot tzrif on Friday morning during Boker Yisraeli.  As we begin to think about the end of the summer, we begin to think about life on machne bet.  We are fortunate to be able to spend Shabbat on B-side to help us make the transition easier when we return to Solelim.

Emily Rebenstock
Rosh Tzeirim