Tzeirim–Week 1

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Tzevet Tzeirim was so excited to welcome our incredible chanichim to camp this Tuesday! We started off the kayitz learning our edah song and now we can sing it any chance we get! We began our swimming program on Wednesday  and had  the opportunity to use  all the new toys at the agam!

We chose our  cool new bechirot ( special activities) by watching live demonstrations  and began practicing for the Kiddush Kup. We can’t wait to play in the annual intercamp Kiddush Kup  Competition in July!

Great peulot erev ( evening activities) planned by our amazing madrichim included dressing them up in ridiculous outfits and a hilarious reverse talent show!

Shabbat is almost here and we are super excited  to be spending our first Shabbat in Camp as a kehillah ( community)!

Shabbat Shalom,

Hannah Lorman,Rosh Tzeirim