Tzeirim Update 2014 – Week 4

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Tzeirim 4 - 2 2014This week was a very exciting one for Tzeirim!  We traveled to Eisner Camp for the first-ever Kiddush Cup, a sports competition between us, Eisner Camp, and Camp Ramah in New England.  We played well, cheered really loud, made some new friends, and returned to camp the proud winners of this year’s Kiddush Cup!  On Wednesday, we had Yom Tzrif (bunk day), during which the girls went ice skating, the boys went bowling, and everyone participated in fun activities including ga-ga, beach volleyball, and a dance party.  We hung flyers all over camp advertising our play, “Noah,” which the whole camp enjoyed watching on Thursday night.  Tzerim was phenomenal! On Friday, we had our last regular day of first session, and our one-month campers packed up.  We’re going to miss the first session  chanichim.  

Shabbat Shalom!

Paula Sass, Rosh Tzeirim

Tzeirim 4 - 1 2014