Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 8

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Tzeirim Mix

I can’t believe that the season has come to and end! Reflecting on the past eight weeks, I am excited thinking about all the fun and learning our chanichim  enjoyed! This last Shabbat was spent getting a taste of what will come next year… B-Side! The focus of Shabbat, Bnei Mitzvah, was incorporated into themes of B-side, responsibilities and growing older. Our chanichim began a process of reflection and looking forward as we entered the last few days of Kayitz 2013. After a Shabbat of peulot and following a different B-side schedule, Tzeirim lined up on the bridge connecting A-side and B-side for havdalah. As they lined up by the year in which they started at Ramah, it was lovely to see how new faces continue to join the edah kehila each year.

Tzeirim Girls

The week continued with excitingly awesome peulot and some “farewell” activities. Each chanich(a) wrote a letter to him or herself which was buried in the Tzeirim 2013 time capsule which they will open during their Gesher summer. Another keepsake is the beautiful painting chanichim made incorporating a Hebrew version on Forever Young with the bittersweet transition they are approaching as Tzeirim comes to a close.

Shana Tova!
I want to thank each of you for sending your child to Ramah this summer. It is truly a life changing experience and it was fantastic to be a part of it!

Hannah Grossman