Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 6

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Tzeirim with Tami Shemesh

Two weeks into second session and Tzeirim is going full speed!

Reflecting on fantastic peulot erev, late night bunk activities, tsrif-led Shacharit services and the smiles on the chanichim’s faces, the madrichim and I all agree that this continues to be a summer of incredible fun and personal growth!

Every night this week was exciting! Paint Twister evolved into messy and hilarious fun for chanichim and madrichim. The following evening we scooted ourselves around the tennis courts playing human Hungry, Hungry Hippos with an array of group ball games.

On Wednesday Tzeirim and Solelim (8th grade) were the only edot in camp and thus, Tzelilim was created.  Edot were joined through sister and brother bunk pairings and spent aruchat boker getting to know each other through fun ice breakers. After an EXTREME Nikayon competition chanichim participated in a Sensitivity Obstacle Course in which chanichim learned about the challenges different people have and how we can work together and utilize each of our strengths to achieve a goal. The rest of the day Tzelilim played sports, choreographed dances and spent time enjoying the company of new friends. By the end of the day Tzeirim chanichim  were anticipating an amazing Kayitz  2014!

Tzeirim Mix

During the rest of  the week several bunks went caving, ice skating and visiting a zoo. The chanichim returned even closer than before sharing wonderful bunk memories!

This Shabbat we are looking forward to learning about Israel through art, songs and raps

Have a peaceful and restful Shabbat!

Hannah Grossman