Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 5

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Tzeirim Boys It was fantastic meeting so many of you on Yom Orchim!  Witnessing heartwarming embraces gave me a brief  glimpse into the lives of our  chanichim  outside of camp

Tuesday morning first session chanichim waited eagerly for their old and new friends to join them! The morning was filled with hugs, welcoming introductions and exchanging  stories from the year. Not a second was wasted as everyone jumped right into the daily shigra!

Tzeirim Girls

Chanichim attended new Yehadut classes including Jewish farming, Great Jewish Debates and You Be the Judge! Following Yehadut, the chanichim headed to their new omaniyot: boating, mitbachon, radio, model airplanes, omanut, rock-wall and more! Throughout the day chanichim enjoyed sports, shira, rikud, Ivrit and swimming in the agam.

Second session peulot erev and peulot tsrif  are off to a great start with B-side Capture the Counselor, a rousing game of Deal  and a terrific Machon  performance of Prince of Egypt..

As Tzeirim second session 2013 wraps into a circle each night singing rad hayom, there is an overwhelming sense of love and excitement that will surely flow into the next few weeks.

Shabbat Shalom!

Hannah Grossman