Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 4

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Tzeirim GirlsThis past week was overflowing with activities for Tzeirim 2013.

Throughout the week the edah participated in camp’s green initiative, “Shavua Yarok” in which kids learned about recycling, conserving energy and minimizing food waste.

Monday night started on a solemn note while camp observed Tisha B’Av. In conjunction with  Shavua Yarok, the theme of the day was destruction and preservation as chanichim explored their personal selves, the environment and Jerusalem..

On Wednesday (Yom Daled) Tzeirim discovered differences and similarities  between Native American culture and Judaism as we participated in scavenger hunts, smoke signal fires and “Pow-wows.” Our  day concluded with a bishul leading into the Tzeirim and Shorashim musical production of “You’ve Got A Friend”. What an amazing performance!

On Thursday Tzeirim went  cosmic bowling and returned to camp to play in a water slide! The day was filled with laughs and lots of fun!

We are so sad to see our first-session chanichim leave but  looking forward to welcoming second session campers.

See you Sunday! I look forward to meeting all of you.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hannah Grossman