Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 2

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Tzeirim MixThis week Tzeirim had so much fun!

As we began getting into a routine, we spent time each day swimming, playing sports, learning Ivrit, enjoying rikud and belting our hearts out in shira!

Many Tzeirim chanichim also had opportunities to practice and learn new skills! With play rehearsal underway, we are practicing our solos, dance moves and beginning to work on stage set up. While play rehearsal takes a lot of time and energy, Tzeirim is always up for more.  About twenty chanichim spent time this week making their own tefillin!

Tzeirim Boys

The week reached a peak with Yom Dalet.  Chanichim were divided into groups and spent the day making their own movies! The chanichim thoroughly enjoyed writing scripts, designing costumes, acting and seeing the completion of a film.

We are looking forward to spending Shabbat with our old and new friends.

Hannah Grossman