Tzeirim Update 2013 – Week 1

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Tzeirim Boys Tuesday morning Tzeirim tzevet (staff) waited eagerly on the basketball courts for the  chanichim (campers) to roll in. As the chanichim emptied the bus, camp overflowed with cheering, hugging, and enormous smiles.

Tzeirim Girls

Tzeirim 2013  emerged, forming bonds in the tzrifim (bunks) and becoming a kehilla (community) as an edah through wacky inter-tzrif competitions that included building two foot standing structures out of graham crackers and marshmallow fluff and naming as many biblical characters as they could in two minutes. Our first few days have been spent swimming in the agam, playing sports, singing, dancing, learning in yehadut, having a bishul (cookout) and so much more!

As Shabbat begins to peek out beyond the horizon, we are excited about  enjoying yet another beautiful Ramah experience with our new friends!

Shabbat Shalom!

Hannah Grossman