Top Ten Moments from Kayitz 2011!

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Ready to recap the top ten moments from kayitz 2011…? Well this is the list to see. We have assembled some of our favorite moments from the summer. Keep reading to see if your favorite moment made it onto our list.

#10: T’fillah Stars

At t’fillot during the summer, the cochavim chanichim got to make stars to hang up in their makom t’fillah. Awesome because cochavim means “stars”! The stars represent all of the prayers the cochavim chanichim wanted to “put up in the sky.” This was extra special and VERY cool.

#9: Ira’s Bar-Mitzvah

Ira was so nervous! Such an important activity so early in the summer! Would people show up? Would they have fun? Would he mess up his speech?!?! Needless to say, Ira’s second Bar-Mitzvah was great! Everyone had a fantastic time- The dancing, the singing, the candle lighting! Not to mention the OTHER IRA that was following him around. The only negative thing about it was that it ended… but hey, if you can have two Bar Mitzvah’s…WHY NOT HAVE 3?!?!


How could anybody not love our Chetzi Shavua Yisrael? Does everybody remember the CHASHI Song…? Sing it NOW! “Na na na na na na…jungle!” That’s right. You are awesome.

#7: Zimriyah and Rikkudiah

TWO nights of music, dancing, singing, and fun? What could be better? We loved Rikkudiah and Zimriyah this year and could not pass up the opportunity to include it on our list. Coming in at #7 (all the way from the B-Ball courts) are our very special Ramah festivals of music!

#6: Yom Sport

Remember this guy? Enough said.

#5: When Solelim was the oldest edah in camp!

Hey Solelim! Didn’t you just LOVE the week Machon and Gesher were both on trips and Bogrim was on SABABA so by default YOU were the oldest edah in camp and the ONLY edah on Machaneh Bet? Yeah…we loved that too, so the #5 spot goes to you!

#4: Yom Palmer

This HAS to be a highlight for everyone in camp, right? After traveling a few hours to Palmer, MA we got to have some friendly competition with another Ramah camp, in peace, love and harmony…

#3: SABABA Bogrim

 Remember when Bogrim 2011 was the first edah in the HISTORY of Machaneh Ramah to have a SABABA Trip? We do too. And how cool was it?!?!? For years to come, Bogrim ’11 will be the edah to pioneer this awesome trip! Don’t forget we got to partner with Jewish specialty programs in the Northeast to provide you all with some of the best intensive experiences, within the Ramah context.  You got to experience the Ramah lifestyle while learning, exploring and honing a particular set of skills. This better be #3 on the list!

#2: Fourth of July Concert, Part Two

One of the best moments of Machon 2011- was when the chanichim made their own 4th of July concert on a bridge in Boston and had random people come over and join them to sing “American Pie” and “Sweet Caroline”. That moment only got better when minutes later they stood underneath 30 minutes of the coolest fireworks show ever! Don’t you wish you were there?

#1: Gesher Girls’ Flash Mob

Remember when the Gesher boys would not learn the dance? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We didn’t need them anyway. Well the girls did a great dance with Rabbis Roth and Resnick! We showed those boys and earned our spot at the top of the Kayitz 2011 list…Yasher Koach!

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