Today I fasted

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Today I fasted. I have not fasted for a full day on Shvar Asar BTamuz in a while but I did so today.Resnick
I learned from my colleagues in Israel that there was going to be a combined effort of observant Jews and observant Muslims to fast today combining the daily fast of Ramadan and our day of fast remembering the times before the destruction of the Temple in Israel.

Using the Twitter hashtag #HungryforPeace, the cause started in Israel and gained strength in England, promoted by Yachad, a U.K.-based pro-Israel, pro-peace group. Last weekend, it was announced in synagogues, mosques and churches in the U.S.

One of our leadership team of the new commissary, Jason, is an observant Moslem who has been fasting in Ramadan. I spoke to him about breaking bread with him after he fasted yet another day [he is able to eat at night] and I fasted for the day. I spoke to the campers and staff members who fasted here in camp for the day. We broke bread together.

This is not going to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians but it has enabled me to connect in a very personal way to others in our community here in Wingdale and in the Middle East.