Then…and Now! Mazal Tov to Debbie Kruger and Robby Tepper!

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Get to know our newest CRB newly weds!

Debbie Kruger (Gesher 2007) and Robby Tepper (Gesher 2008)!

Debbie and Robby – who together have spent a cumulative 43 months at CRB, as campers and staff – were married in December 2018 at a joyful celebration surrounded by Ramah friends.  Here’s a bit more about their camp “story.”


When did you first meet?   

We first met the summer of 2005, while Debbie was trying to “set Robby up” with one of her friends.

What is each of your favorite CRB summer memory?     

Debbie: There are truly too many to count! My camp friends and I can talk about funny stories and memories from Camp for hours! Nevertheless, if I had to choose one of the most memorable for me, it would be the last Shabbat of Machon, rushing to the front of the chadar to lead shira.

Robby: Being Yom Sport General my Gesher summer.  It was something I was dying to do since Cochavim!

What compels you to stay so involved with the CRB community?     

Our Camp experiences truly shaped us into the people we are today.  Without Camp, we would not have each other, our best friends in the world, or some of our fondest life memories.  Staying involved with the camp community just comes naturally, because Ramah is a huge part of who we are.

Fun Facts!                                                                                                                   

Let’s just say when Debbie was in Gesher and Robby was in Machon (summer of 2007) our edot didn’t always get along so well. Gesher was a smaller edah and Machon was larger – a bit more rambunctious! Our counselors did their best to bring the two edot together through Machon/Gesher bonding nights and joint peulot erev – but often to no success! At our wedding this past December, we asked our closest friends to sign our Ketubah – Jonny Gottlieb (Gesher 2007) and Itai Thaler (Gesher 2008). The photographer captured a great photo of Jonny signing the Ketubah, with Itai off to the side waiting to sign his name. They joked that signing the Ketubah was like a peace treaty between the two edot that our counselors could have only dreamed about years ago.