Teva 2014–It’s More than Nature

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“This is the best tomato I’ve ever eaten.”

“I like getting my hands dirty.”

“Can I PLEASE pick more chives?”

“I want to sleep in the Teva shack.”

“Can I take home a chicken?”


These are incredible sentiments straight from the hearts of campers that celebrate our vibrant, dynamic Teva program here at CRB.  Kayitz 2014 promises to be the best summer yet for Teva, as plans are unfolding as we speak to create engaging new activities for campers in each edah.

Tsar Balei Chayim, Bal Tashchit, Shomrei Adamah, Seder Bereishit and Brachot are Jewish environmental values that we weave into everything we do not only in Teva, but throughout all of camp.  There are opportunities at every juncture where we talk about why we do what we do, from caring for our own Teva pets and the critters we catch down at the agam or see in the wild, to reducing waste and conserving energy, to teaching chanichim why we don’t step on ants “for the fun of it”.  Teva teaches kids why and how to live by these Jewish values so as to become Shomrei Adamah – guardians of our world.  “Being green” is something our society has been talking about more recently over the past couple of decades, but it’s been inherent to our tradition for thousands of years and holds much wisdom for us to learn and live by.

In recent years, Teva programming has served as a model for the entire CRB community, as we have infused these values into all facets of camp life.  Learning to care for the natural world extends beyond the woods and the garden.  We must also embrace the need to care for each other and nurture positive relationships.  This summer, we once again look forward to building on our partnership with the Amir Project through the expansion of our farm and community outreach activities.  We hope to be able to grow enough food to be able to donate some of our harvest to local food pantries so that families can have access to fresh, healthy, organic vegetables.

To this end, we are planning to get our farm in the best shape possible earlier this year, so we can jump start the growing season and produce a higher yield of crops.  It’s a big plot of land (the Amir folks told us it’s the biggest one they’ve worked with!) and we could use some helping hands to get things going.  We are planning a “Day at the CRB Farm” in May for anyone interested in coming up to camp for the day and helping us dig, weed, and plant.  Stay tuned for additional details.