#TBTatCRB – Q&A with…

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Mindy Schall, 2018 Annual Gala Honoree

First summer at CRB
1988, Cochavim (1st year Nitzi)
Favorite Camp meal/food
Favorite place/spot in Camp
The agam
Favorite part about Shabbat in Camp
Kabbalat Shabbat on the stadium courts
Something you learned at Camp
I learned to appreciate being Jewish and where I came from and how important that is to me.
Something you tried at Camp for the first time
Swam the triangle
Favorite Friday night shira song
Baruch HaGever
Favorite Camp activity 
Swimming and tennis
Favorite canteen item
Cherry coke
Favorite staff member
Alan Schall 🙂 
Favorite summer at Camp
Machon – travelling with my friends was amazing!

*Top left picture: Mindy (3rd from right) on Ramah Seminar, 1996.