#TBTatCRB – Q&A with…

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Jeffrey Shlefstein, 2018 Annual Gala Honoree

First summer at CRB
1979, Nitzanim
Camp nickname
Favorite Camp meal/food
Coffee Cake
Favorite place/spot in Camp
Favorite part about Shabbat in Camp
Something you learned at Camp
Making hospital corners and unclogging a toilet
Something you tried at Camp for the first time
Acting and singing in front of the entire Camp
Favorite Friday night shira song
Mi Pi El
Favorite Camp activity 
Favorite canteen item
Apple Pie
Fun fact about you and Camp
Never got a call home from Jerry

*Top left picture: Jeff (left) with fellow Nitzanim camper on their way back from nagarut (woodworking), 1979.  Fun fact – Jeff still has that project!