Song Leader Boot Camp – 2016

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SLBCSponsored by CRB, Max Silverstone, Cantor Carol Chesler, Jacob (Milk) Sandler and Miriam Hertzson spent 3 incredible days at the Song Leader Boot Camp in St.Louis from February 14th – 16th. Max reported, “I really appreciate Camp’s investment in me and can’t wait to work on Tzevet Hofa’ah this summer!”

All are psyched and inspired and ready to infuse Kayitz 2016 with song and innovative approaches to using music in Camp. Here’s a short piece from Carol:

This year I attended SLBC for the 4th time, thanks to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. I am the Rosh Musica, and have been leading Shira at CRB since 2002. This gathering has had an enormous impact on me on many levels as a song leader and teacher at camp; moreover, this annual conference has had profound and lasting effects at camp.

For me, my way of teaching, presenting myself, presenting the music I want to sing and lead, has all been shaped by the teaching and guidance of Rick Recht and the faculty he brings to SLBC. I have attended the workshops taught by people like Sheldon Low, Billy Jonas, Ellen Allard, Joanna Dulkin, Josh Warshawsky, and others, who have shared their repertoire, their knowledge of how to work with children of all ages, and their presence, energy, passion, charm, wit, talent, etc. These leaders and musicians are extraordinary role models, and they have shared and passed on their craft to people like me, who then know how to go before several hundred campers in a dining hall or gymnasium, and get them passionate about singing Jewish music. CRB has been the beneficiary of all the excellent repertoire now being produced in the American Jewish music scene, because I have attended SLBC, heard and sung these songs, and know what music to sing when I get to camp. And now, even better, several members of our staff were in attendance at SLBC this year, including our supervisor, Miriam, which will only benefit the music program at CRB this coming summer. Along with the incredible music we acquired at SLBC, we will have a new confidence as song leaders, based on the skills we honed at SLBC. We had the unique opportunity to gather with staff members like us from the other Ramah camps of North America and share our passion for Jewish music for 3 days. We were coached and instructed by Josh Warshawsky, and he is simply the best there is in this country right now. Most notably, the 4 of us who went to SLBC – me, Miriam, Milk, and Max – can now put our heads together well before camp begins, and plan an incredible Zimriah, what repertoire we want to bring to camp, and a total music curriculum for the summer. We can do this with confidence and expertise, both from years of service to CRB, and from all we brought back with us from SLBC.

Profound gratitude to everyone at CRB who makes it possible for me to attend SLBC. It is 3 days of incredible music, inspired davening, community, Ahavat Yisrael, strengthening, growth, and deep, deep connection to the Jewish people and our incredible heritage. I will be forever changed for the better as a teacher, song leader, and Jew, because of my experience being immersed in SLBC each year. My deepest appreciation to you.