Solelim – Week 7

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sol 1 week 7.jpgSolelim began its final full week in our machaneh by dancing in the rikkudiah (dance festival) to the song “Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod.” Dressed up in orange, green, and white, the chanichim had a wonderful time performing their dance as well as moving with the rest of our machaneh during the dance party that followed. An impactful moment for Solelim occurred as we discussed  the 40th  anniversary of Operation Entebbe with mishlachat and curated their own art exhibits as part of Louvre Ramah.

Yom Daled, Yom Palmer, and Boker Yisraeli highlighted our week. During Yom Daled, Solelimers tried to discover who killed Amnon (II Samuel 13) as part of Yom Murder Mystery. The excitement of ruach On Yom Palmer was truly amazing as the chanichim competed against Ramah New England in all sorts of  sports, all while making new friends. Boker Yisraeli, was a great way to complete the week. The banot bonded with their miktzoiim in small peulot, while the boys tzrifim participated in three-hours of LARPing (live action roleplaying).

We are dedicating our final Shabbat in Camp to exploring the pros and cons of machane bet and discussing ways that we can impact our machane.

Shabbat Shalom.

Noam Kornsgold
Rosh Solelim