Solelim – Week 6

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Solelim had an incredible week, participating in classic peulot with new twists and going on a tiyul. At the beginning of the week, Solelimers dressed as celebrities and other well-known figures for Night of 1000 Stars: Gaga Edition. In addition, they competed in Capture the Flag: Law and Order Edition, where chanichim acted as lawyers and police in order to capture their opponents’ flags.

On Wednesday, Solelim traveled to Bounce ( a bounce-trampoline park), dined at Beacon Memorial Park  and watched the Hudson Valley Renegades. Joining us on the tiyul were the kids from IDFWO, Israel Defense Force Widows and Orphans, who spent a few days in Camp as part of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trip to the USA.

This Shabbat’s theme is Shabbat Shoftim, Judges, where chanichim will explore the Book of Judges, looking for themes, patterns, and life lessons.

Shabbat Shalom,

Noam Kornsgold
Rosh Solelim