Solelim–Week 1

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Solelim had a fantastic first week in our machane!  We started off with exciting icebreakers like “thumper,” “telephone,” and “riding on a pony.” The first couple of days were packed with activities that will prepare us  for an amazing summer, like swim checks and chug (sport) selection. We were also really thrilled by the huge array of activities that were offered to us. Many of our campers participated in a host of peulot ranging from mitbachon to digital art design to basketball. We finished off the week with Boker Tzrif, where each bunk participated in many theme based program.

As we quickly learn the ins and outs of life on Machane Bet, we are beginning to feel part of a new camp experience. In fact, this week’s Shabbat theme is “ShaBeginnings (Shabbat Beginnings).” The first week in our machane was truly spectacular.

Shabbat Shalom,

Noam Kornsgold

Rosh Solelim