Solelim Update 2014 – Week 6

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Solelim 1 2014 6Solelim had yet another amazing week!

Starting off the week with a tiyul to New York City to the New York stands with Israel rally, we showed our support for Israel as we rallied alongside  thousands of Jews. This  experience will be remembered for a long time. It was an historical moment, too, as we witnessed one of our campers read a chapter of tehillim (psalms) on stage addressing the entire rally.

We went on another tiyul this week to Lake Compounce, a water/amusement park, spending the day there riding roller coasters and going down water slides. and arriving in camp in time for the weekly bishul!

We took advantage of being the only edah on B side this week by davening in different places  and mixing up our meals to have some bonding time just for Solelim.

After an eventful and exciting week we are looking forward to Shabbat together, and our last full week of camp!

Shabbat Shalom.

Zoe Grossman, Rosh Solelim