Solelim Update 2014 – Week 5

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Solelim 2 2014 5As we wrap up our first week of second session, it is amazing to look back on our full week together! We loved seeing our families and friends on Sunday, and watched our Tzevet compete against Ramah Nyack staff  in basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Monday’s  yom daled, “chillin like a villain”, inspired our inner villains to plan pranks, play capture the hero, and get to know some other campers in the edah!

We welcomed 15 new chanichim to our edah on Tuesday. Highlights of our week included DJ Todd Yahney’s rave, an edah-wide game of bunk mate newlyweds, and seeing Machon’s machazeh –“ The Lion King”.

Yom Sport on Thursday afternoon and Friday was the perfect end to an exciting week in which we enjoyed playing sports, participating in different competitions, and cheering for our teams. Now we  are now definitely looking forward to Shabbat to unwind and relax after a full and fun week!

Shabbat shalom um’vorach!

Zoe Grossman, Rosh Solelim

Solelim 1 2014 5