Solelim Update 2014 – Week 4

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Solelim 4 - 1 2014As we wrap up our first session together,   I am in awe of everything we experienced as an edah , in our tzrifim, and as individuals. This week was full of exciting programs and will be complete when we greet our families and friends on Sunday.

We celebrated Chashi, and explored our Jewish identities in group sessions on Shabbat. We ended Shabbat began with the entire camp  kehilah gathered in the amphitheatre overlooking the agam  and ended the very same way for  Havdalah .

Solelim and Bogrim had an early night on Saturday to prepare for our long journey to Ramah New England where we competed in JV sports. Everyone played hard and represented Ramah Berkshires beautifully through their incredible sportsmanship.

Helping A-side campers with their play was particularly thrilling for some of  the Solelim campers. Supporting and assisting in drama skills was a lot of work  but so worthwhile—the Machaneh Aleph play “Noah” was fantasic!  During the week Solelim enjoyed the rock wall, a bonfire, high ropes,  and mitbachon.

Once again,we are looking forward to this Shabbat as we continue to explore our summer theme of identity.

Shabbat Shalom.

Zoe Grossman, Rosh Solelim