Solelim Update 2014 – Week 3

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2014 Solelim Week 3 - 2We’re closing out on yet another fun-filled week at camp and  looking forward to experiencing Shabbat together.  Solelim’s  first bike trip this week was awesome time as chanichim biked and bonded  making new friends in  the edah.

Our first tiyul to the Basketball Hall of Fame and the  Springfield  zoo was a blast! Back home, in camp,  we learned  about different countries and cultures and even tasted a variety of international foods.  Zumba and a gaga tournament highlighted two peuolot erev (evening activities) this week, as well.

Last night we sang our hearts out at the zimriyah and celebrated the beginning of chashi, a half week of f exciting Israel programming.

2014 Solelim Week 3 - 1This morning , Boker Tarif, a full morning  of activities organized by bunk was a huge success.

We are looking forward to a relaxing Shabbat that will energize us for our Sunday  trip to  Ramah New England, where we will engage  in a full day of JV Chug  sports competition.  Shabbat Shalom.

Zoe Grossman, Rosh Edah