Solelim Update 2013 – Week 7

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Solelim Boys We started our week with Yom Sport breakout on Sunday night! Our camp wide picture, was interrupted by a helicopter landing on the soccer field. Out jumped Rabbi Perten, and Jeremy Rose (Rosh Sport) to announce the start of Yom Sport 2013!

Monday was entirely dedicated to sport activities as the kachol (blue) and yarok (green) teams competed all over camp. The day culminated in a camp-wide Zimriyah.

Tuesday we returned to a regular schedule, and we were able to attend one of our final chug practices before Yom Palmer (This Sunday). Everyone is very excited about  the anticipated competition against Palmer, representing Berkshires for the first time.

Solelim Girls

On Wednesday, we left camp for our last edah tiyul, and visited Lake Compounce,  the oldest amusement park in North America. We enjoyed a day filled with Roller Coasters, Water Slides, and free Pepsi.

Thursday morning we celebrated another Bar Mitzvah sharing the simcha with the edah and family.

Friday was Boker Tzrif, where each tzrif picked a theme, ranging from “Royalty” to “The American Revolution” to spend an entire morning on fun and unusual activities with their friends and bunk mates.

We look forward to a relaxing Shabbat, before gearing up for Saturday night’s Yom Palmer Pep Rally!

Shabbat Shalom,

Eli Jacober