Solelim Update 2013 – Week 3

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Solelim GirlsOh what a week it has been in Solelim!

We started out our week with a camp wide Rosh Chodesh program, celebrating the new month, while learning about the lunar calendar and the importance of sharing the news of the new month with the greater Jewish community.

Despite the occasional rain showers, we have still had our fair share of campfire bishul evenings, where different bunks either make a special dinner, or a late night dessert with songs and stories around the fire.

Solelim Boy

On Wednesday, we went on a tiyul to The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, in Springfield, Massachusetts. We spent the day playing on the court, learning about the history of basketball, and testing our skills against some of the NBA legends.

Thursday’s peulat erev, was an evening of historical reenactments, covering the majority of modern American history, giving us an interesting opportunity to learn about different periods in our nations development, while watching innovative skits produced and preformed by our edah.

We are looking forward to another restful Shabbat, as our 2nd brave bike trip will return from their trek, just in time to welcome in Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom

Eli Jacober

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