Solelim Update 2013 – Week 2

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Solelim GirlsAfter only 2 weeks it feels like we have been here for an entire season!

We started off this week with 10 enthusiastic Solelimers going on the  first bike-trip of the summer!

Spending two days biking, they slept out under the stars, braving the elements and returning with huge smiles and hard-earned dirt under their fingernails.

Sunday also marked the start of Chashi (Chatzi Shavuah Yisrael) where we spent 3 days celebrating our connection to Israel with songs, dances and special peulot, all run by our mishlachat.  Discussions focused on the importance of maintaining our bonds with the State of Israel and to our delight we sampled a variety of Israeli food served in the chadar.

Solelim Boys

This week we also had our first yom daled, which is a fun filled day of extraordinary activities planned entirely by our madrichim. This week’s theme coincided with Ramah Berkshires @ 50, naming it Wingdale at 50, celebrating all the wonders of the quaint town that we affectionately call home for 8 weeks out of the year.

We watched a “documentary” about the founding fathers of the town, split up into groups representing the different districts of the area and culminated the day with a Wingdale Parade.

Thursday’s  4th of July concert, with Brian Gelfand, was a wonderfully exciting way to bring all of camp together celebrating (in Ramah style) the 237th year of our country!

Shabbat Shalom.

Eli Jacober