Solelim Update 2013 – Week 1

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Solelim GirlsSolelim had an AWESOME first few days at camp! Everyone  selected  a hug (sport) team  and already started practices. Hug is  reserved  for B-Side, and we are  very excited to be able to participate this summer!  Omaniyot began this week, too, with a wide range of choices including; boating, radio, mitbachon (cooking), rock wall, omanut (art) and many more!

Solelim Boys

We survived one peulot erev (evening activity), Sole-pocalypse, and showed off our skills with our Disney/Pixar rap battles.

Next week we are looking forward to our first edah tiyul (trip), to the NBA Hall of Fame. We are also getting ready for our Solelim bike trip, which takes 15-20 of us on a bike trek and camping experience with our outdoor tzevet!

We are gearing up for our first Shabbat on B-side, with plenty of time to spend with friends and to explore a new side of camp.

Shabbat Shalom

Eli Jacober