Solelim 2017 —Week 6

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Solelim had a jam-packed week filled with fun and meaningful peulot. We started off the week by cheering on Berkshires as our staff basketball team faced off against Ramah Nyack. Other fun highlights included dressing up our madrichim at one peulot erev and playing Deal or No Deal with Camp prizes. On Monday night and Tuesday, we turned inwards as we commemorated Tisha B’Av. The entire day consisted of various peulot revolving around the notion of sinat chinam, senseless hatred. The pinnacle of the week occurred on Friday when we went on a trip to Lake Compounce, an amusement-water park that has been a traditional highlight of the Solelim experience. This Shabbat, Solelim will participate in Shabbat Etgar, where we will discuss a wide range of  challenges and disabilities and begin to become a more accepting community.

Shabbat Shalom 

Noam Kornsgold, Rosh Solelim