Solelim 2017 — Week 5

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With Bogrim, Machon, and Gesher on their second session tiyulim, Solelim, while welcoming new campers, became this week’s oldest edah in Camp. To mark our new status,  Solelim had an exemplary week and  participated in a whole host of fun peulot. At the beginning of the week, we went on two tiyulim,  roller-skating and bowling. In the middle of the week, we started a game of Edah Assassin and  given the opportunity to sit on the Chadar’s porch for meals. To round out the week, our edah  participated in Bubble Soccer. On Friday, we had a great time during Boker Tzrif. Our themes included: American Military Victories, Assassin, Top Chef, Buckets, and Womanhood. In a fitting conclusion to this spectacular week, we will be discussing communal responsibility in Shabbat ShaBonding.

Shabbat Shalom,

Noam Kornsgold, Rosh Solelim