Solelim 2017– Week 4

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In this last week of first session, Solelim experienced some of the annual highlights of summer. On Sunday night, we sang our hearts out at the zimryah, where we performed the song “Mahapecha Shel Simcha.” A couple days of later, we hosted Ramah New England (Palmer) for the annual JV Yom Palmer. It was an exciting day of sports, sportsmanship, and friend-making. We also participated in two great peulot erev, one which emphasized group bonding and the other connected chanichim to one another. For Yom Hav, we celebrated our new director in Yom Rabbi Ethan Linden. We created various activities benchmarking Rabbi Linden’s first summer in CRB and reconstructed some of Rabbi Linden’s past experiences. This Shabbat, “Shabbat Rumors”, we will explore the effects of bullying and gossip.

Shabbat Shalom,

Noam Kornsgold, Rosh Solelim