Solelim 2017–Week 2

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Solelim entered the first full week of the kayitz with two excellent peulot erev, which tested the physical, creative, and mental abilities of our chanichim.  The first activity allowed us to explore and learn about the exodus story by implementing various forms of tag.   And in the second activity, we presented hidden Solelim talents in a reverse talent show. We had a great fourth of July celebration and totally enjoyed Gesher’s performance of Beauty and the Beast.  On Yom Hav (Yom Meyuchad), we demonstrated our excellent in Yom Eggscelent.  Here, we participated in a variety of egg-related activities, such an egg drop, an egg scavenger hunt, and puppet reenactments of several historical events in which eggs played a part. We will end the week with Shabbat Sha’escape the Room. We have an incredible strategy that  will teach our chancihim about community and collective responsibility.

Shabbat Shalom!

Noam Kornsgold, Rosh Solelim