Shorashim Update 2013 – Week 8

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Shorashim Girls

Bo-Bo-BoBoker Tov, (Bo-Bo-Bo-Boker Tov), Boker Tov L’Shorashim! Boker Tov Shorashim and Shabbat Shalom!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying the rest of your summer!  I’m going to miss not having peulat Shabbbat, hearing you read Torah, and doing Havdalah with you this Shabbat, but I hope you still celebrate Shabbat this week with just as much ruach as you did here!  Your madrichim and I miss you SO much, but we can’t wait to see you at our reunion and next summer in Tzeirim!  Thank you for an amazing summer!  You are the most wonderful and awesome chanichim on the planet!  Please keep in touch and start getting ready now for Tzeirim 2014!  Shabbat Shalom.

Bryan Wexler

Shorashim Boys