Shorashim Update 2013 – Week 6

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Shorashim Boys

Shabbat Shalom Shorashim Families!  Shorashim planted some serious roots this weeks, firmly entrenching ourselves as an AMAZING edah comprised of AWESOME people.  Last Shabbat, “Shabbat Mitzvah”, was very special. On Saturday morning, Adi Sharabi, an Al Hagova Staff member and a madricha in A15, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with us.  Adi, a 23 year old Israeli, had an aliyah and read from the Torah for the first time.  She was then showered with candy and gave a beautiful and inspiring d’var Torah.

Shorashim Girls

Hearing Adi speak about the impact that Ramah has had on her life and listening to her chant Torah ,in Yeminite trope, wearing a tallit  presented to her by Camp, was one of highlights of the summer!  Our peulat Shabbat , a  b’nai mitzvah theme, led us to exciting games of Coke and Pepsi, and discussions with Rabbi Kalmonofsky and Rabbi Kane about what it means to become b’nai mitzvah.  Finally on motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) we threw a Bat Mitzvah party for Adi which included yummy food, great music, and a lively hora!

The rest of the  week was an filled with tons of activities  and  preparations for the zimriyah.  Our peulot erev/edah included a campfire with s’mores, an edah-wide Scategories game, and a special peulat erev run by the mishlachat about Tzahal (the Isr

In Tefiillot this week, we continued to explore and recite the traditional liturgy  and added a special meditation  in Shacharit exploring the issue of free will.ael Defense Forces).

Shorashim’s awesone trip to CastleFunCenter on Wednesday included terrific mini-golf, go karts, and arcade games.

On behalf of all of Shorashim, we wish you a Shabbat Shalom and a wonderful week

Bryan Wexler