Shorashim Update 2013 – Week 5

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Shorashim Boys Second Session is underway and we are rockin’!  On Sunday we said l’hitraot to our first session only chanichim.  For those of you who were here at camp on Sunday, it was so nice to meet you and to see you with your child(ren) and families!  It was an exciting Visiting Day and we are so glad that you joined us!

Sunday afternoon-Tuesday morning, our brief intercession, consisted of  an exciting super-hero themed Yom Daled.  We created our own super-heroes, wrote our own comic strips, learned about the Golem, had a super-hero fashion show, had marvel sports competitions, and watched the movie The Incredibles.

Shorashim Girls

Twenty-seven new chanichim arrived in Shorashim. Our new friends jumped right into our groups, classes, and activities allowing bunks  to become bonded very quickly.  The new chanichim have already added so much to our edah and we are so glad they are here!

Packed with activities, we introduced awesome classes and activities including sports, swim, yahadut classes, ivrit classes, shira, rikkud, omaniyot (dance, cooking, video, radio, rocketry, rock wall, boating, art, and more!).  We also enjoyed many peulot tzrif, some fun waterslides, some great peulot erev, lots of group bonding and ice breakers culminating in an AWESOME huge game of capture the flag.

Experiential tefilot  added to our daily Shacharit  as we incorporated  Shavua Yarok ( Green Initiative Week) last week into our  tefillah b’teva, as we also designed environmental projects to make our camp more green.  This week we explored  reciting the entire amida aloud, in unison as an edah, and we also participated in a project where we discovered our own neshama (soul) and discussed the prayers modeh ani and elohai neshama.

As we begin to welcome Shabbat, we are exited to spend some relaxing time together with our new and old friends. Wishing  you and your families a peaceful and restful Shabbat and a wonderful week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Bryan Wexler