Shorashim Update 2013 – Week 3

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 Shorashim MixShabbat Shalom Shorashim families!  It is hard to believe how quickly the first session is FLYING by.  We have been busy enjoying the agam, and  rikkud, shira, Ivrrit, omaniyot, and yahadut classes.  Watching the tzrifim bond as the edah continues to form a community is very exciting.

Last Shabbat Shorashim’s theme  was “Shorashim” (roots) and we learned about the roots and ancestry of our people. We explored our own family trees and personal roots in order to lay shorashim for your children that will last a lifetime and will forever impact their Jewish identity tefillah. This week, we studied the Shema discussing the reasons for prayer and praying and used the Talmud and Yehuda Amichai as our texts. This week’s schedule included special bunk presentations by a renowned Jewish musician, Saul Kaye,  a Midrash Manicure session for our girls with Rabbi Yael Buechler, and three day Sports Clinics taught by professional coaches.  Many of the chanichim are also hard at work preparing the Shorashim/Tzeirim play which is sure to be a success

Shorashim Girls

Wednesday’s Yom Daled was planned by the Shorashim madrichim, and wow, what an awesome day it was.  Our theme was Yom Secret Agent and over the course of the day we learned about various spies and secret agents in the TaNaKh (ex: the 12 Spies). We had secret agent obstacle courses and messages buried in plates of whip cream.  We also made Secret I.D. cards, learned about modern-day and historical Jewish spies, enjoyed a Secret Agent Dance competition, and celebrated at  a secret agent ice cream party!  It was a great day!

As we now turn towards Shabbat, we are excited and want to  wish all of you a wonderful Shabbat and a GREAT weekend!

Bryan Wexler