Shorahim week #7 2014

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Shorashim (2)ShorashimWhat a wonderful week it was. We had a lot of fun during Yom Dr. Seuss on Wednesday, engaged in several activities themed around many of our favorite books. On Thursday everyone enjoyed a spectacular Rikudiah, where we were clearly the best dancers. This morning’s Boker Tzrif was great and was proceeded by watching Solelim and Bogrim perform and amazing production of High School Musical. As chanichim prepare for their last Shabbat of Kayitz 2014, I feel sad that I am unable to enjoy it with them in camp. It has been a terrific summer and I feel privileged to have spent it with your children.  I am now beginning Medical School and confident that Sam Teitelbaum, will successfully lead Shorashim for the next few days until the end of camp. Shabbat Shalom.

Rachel Engleberg, Shorashim Rosh Edah