Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 6

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Resnick“ We Stand With Israel” and we will  always stand and support Israel.   Our Solelim campers experienced unified solidarity as they gathered and shouted “Am Yisrael Chai”  with thousands of Jews in front of the United Nations on Monday.  How proud and privileged we were to stand together, marking history and making a difference in Israel’s future.  Solelim campers were flanked by counselors, mishlachat,and staff.  Mishlachat, in particular, could not believe the strength of the Jewish community outside of Israel and the love for their country that emanated from the crowd.  Take a moment and watch the video in this edition of our Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale (Spotlight on Solelim) and I guarantee you will feel the power of the rally.

Our lives in camp continue to integrate news from Israel.  We publish daily news briefs and insert special prayers for the IDF and for all Israelis in our tefillot. With thirty Israelis working in camp we feel closer to the situation and oftentimes provide the comfort needed to heal after hearing of many painful events.  When we gather together as a full community on Friday nights, it has now become our tradition to include Hatikva , as “We stand with Israel”.

This week three edot ventured outside of Wingdale as far as Niagara  Falls and as close as New York City. Bogrim split into 5 amazing Sababa groups helping in a variety of Chesed groups, cooking classes, Ultimate Frisbee training, hiking, and performing in dramatic arts.  Machon made it to Niagara Falls with lots of interesting stops in between.   Gesher headed south to the DC area and  three  edot splashed down in a few water parks on Wednesday.  Back in camp eight chicks hatched in the Teva shack, chanichim went star gazing and all enjoyed camp wide roller blading. The Topsy Turvy Bus rolled into camp to inform and enlightened all of us about natural ways to use energy sources while our farmers harvested the first tomato crops

It was a full week and I am glad that all have returned to camp.  This weekend we welcome the CRB Board and Council to Camp for the annual summer meeting.

Wishing all a peaceful Shabbat.