Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 7

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As season #50 comes to a close, one cannot help but reflect about the power of Kayitz 2013.  We offered  an incredible summer with dedicated and talented staff at the helm. Integrating Hebrew, Judaism, Jewish values, Jewish observance and Jewish education into every aspect of our kehillah, is something unique to the Ramah experience.

Witnessing last week unfold, beginning with a camp wide photo in the shape of a 50 followed by Yom Sport and continuing into the Zimriyah , all within 24 hours, ignited tremendous ruach . The week continued with biking, hiking, caving, completing swim tests, the Solelim-Bogrim play (Cinderella), outdoor mitbachon cooking, high ropes, low ropes, experiencing musical prayer with Naomi Less, harvesting crops from our farm, perfecting our basketball skills with Seth Schwartz and tennis skills with Nadine Fahoum, and much much more.  This extensive list of activities and experiences is unending.

We will soon welcome our last Shabbat in camp as we prepare each camper for their return home. You, too, will soon be able to benefit  first-hand from the Ramah ruach that your child will bring home and will predictably last a lifetime.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Resnick