Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 7

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From Sunday ‘til Friday the last week of our 53rd season was filled with amazing programming, spanning the spectrum from an Alumni gathering to welcoming the third group of our youngest, entering third graders, Ta’am campers, to Camp.  Over one hundred bogrei Ramah arrived in Camp this past Sunday for a reunion designed for alumni from as far back as 1966 to celebrate their 50th, 45th, 40th….through their 10th year anniversary. With photo albums and regalia the bogrei Ramah thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting, touring, eating and enthusiastically listening to presentations about the future plans for CRB.

Sunday’s evening program included an incredible rikudiyah (dance festival). Every edah and every staff member performed beautifully choreographed dances that concluded with boisterous rikud together that rocked all of Wingdale.  Another memorable moment.

As the week continued, Tzeirim hosted Ramah Poconos for a day of inter-camp sports competitions. Chanichim formed bonds with other Ramahniks in a variety of activities. As they demonstrated hachnasat orchim , welcoming others into our home, the Tzeirim campers also benefitted by expanding their Ramah network.

The rest of the week, though hot, humid and sometimes rainy, was full with a variety of Yom Daled programs, Yom Seminar,  water skiing, etgar challenge, Yom Palmer and more.  Beginning with a pep rally on Wednesday evening, I was struck by the power and pervasive energy permeating through Machaneh Bet  the night before Yom Palmer. Hosting 350 people is not an easy task. Yet our staff handled the hurdles well in a seamless operation. The buzz around camp confirmed Yom Palmer was a day of friendly competition and most importantly, a day of FUN.

Our last Shabbat is here—my last Shabbat as director. With mixed emotions, I am reflecting upon my 30+ years in this privileged position, as leader of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.  I am grateful to the community that supported me, the staff that let me guide them, and to my family who was always by my side.  I will miss viewing Camp from this perch but I am ready to begin my new role as Senior Engagement and Planning Director.

I thank you for entrusting your children to us this summer and thank you for your commitment to CRB. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year, l’shanah tovah.  Hope to see your children in Camp next summer—Kayitz 2017!

Shabbat Shalom