Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 6

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DSC00863With tremendous spirituality, our musical tefillot resounded as we ushered in Rosh Hodesh Av this morning.  Decked out in orange and green, for Yom Sport (Color War), the chanichim migrated from tefillot to aruchat boker  to a nikayon competition and then into another day filled with sports and fun.   The day concluded with a camp wide apache relay combined with banner displays from each team  and culminating in a final tekes ( ceremony).

The palpable energy emanating within each edah this week was spectacular. Machon and Bogrim were out of Camp on separate tiyulimMachon ventured into New England and Bogrim traveled to Philadelphia.  I was touched by our tremendous hachnasat orchim as our mishlachat and Solelim welcomed the IDFWO Bar Mitzvah group who joined us for five days.  These Bar Mitzvah age Israeli teens represent children who have lost a parent in an act of terror or war. Their staff commended CRB for a top notch camp experience and for allowing them to feel at home in a place so foreign to them.

Yesterday, the Mayor of Pauling presented me with a proclamation in front of the entire machane, declaring August 4th as annual Rabbi Paul Resnick Day.  I am not quite sure why this honor was bestowed upon me, but I graciously accepted it, realizing that we really have friends in the Wingdale area. The day ended with an amazing Shorashim/Tzeirim production of “Jonah”.  The acting, singing, dancing and technology was absolutely superb. Kudos to Tzevet Hofa’ah.

It is hard to believe that we are completing our sixth week of our 53rd summer!  Looking forward to an action packed seventh week of kayitz 2016.

Shabbat Shalom.