Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 5

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IMG_6499As the cool air swept through Dutchess County a surge of energy emerged in camp. Beginning with Visiting Day campers and parents alike enjoyed the physical beauty of our machaneh and discovered camp’s diverse scope of  activities including  sports, dance, art, drama, swimming, boating, hiking , caving, baking, farming, and much more.   Bike trips pedaled out of camp, Judy Mathews began bread making with Machon, and David Moss infused Solelim with a creative thinking process that inspired both campers and staff with a vast array of art forms. Campers can be found video taping, broadcasting, taking photos, and participating in yoga classes.  With great enthusiasm  our kehilah once again witnessed Machon‘s talent, under the direction of Miriam Hertson, in a spectacular stage production of The Prince of Egypt.

Our Friends of the IDF teens joined Solelim on Thursday for a one week experience at CRB.  Soon to follow, our youngest one week campers, Ta’am, will arrive in camp on Sunday, July 28th.

As the 128 second session campers prepare for their first Shabbat in camp this summer we know that Kayitz 2013 will continue to be terrific!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Resnick