Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 4

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ResnickThis Sunday, we will host over 1,000 parents, siblings, friends, family members and Camp alumni at our 52nd Visitors’ Day. It is a wonderful day for Camp and a time for families to re-unite. The contrast of smiling faces and tearful good-byes create a serious sense of mixed emotions throughout Camp.

Visitors’ Day ends with a special program, the Gesher Fund presentation, for our oldest campers and parents. Here, our campers, some of whom have been connected with Camp for ten years, address their parents, sharing personal Ramah experiences. What unfolds is tender and meaningful.

This past week was packed full of activity for our edot.   Tzeirim campers traveled to Camp Eisner to compete in the annual Kiddush Kup inter-camp games.  Machon returned late last might from their five day expedition and Gesher  came back from their three day Washington, DC trip. Ask your Shorashim camper about Yom Pixar and the flash mob in the Chadar Ochel or your Bogrim camper about an incredible social justice peulat erev (evening activity). The long list of wonderful activities is endless!

Today, our Israeli staff, our mishlachat,  once again, organized a full day of Israeli “type” age-appropriate programs  for each edah.  There seems to be a contagious energy with song, dance, cheers, and serious thought that is pervasive throughout Wingdale.   And there will be more to come from our Israeli  staff, as they have planned a A-side and B-side havdalah.

I am so proud of our staff and privileged to have your children spend a summer at CRB. I  look forward to greeting you on Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Resnick, Director