Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale, Week 3

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IMG_6499From farming to Frisbees our chanichim have been engaged in a multitude of activities creating an aura of enthusiasm that helped combat this week’s hot weather. Through the creative and collaborative efforts of our Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Jason Rogoff, and our Program Coordinator, Andrew Belinfante an elaborate Ramah  Rosh Chodesh camp wide evening program kept each edah thoroughly engaged.

Several edot ventured outside of Wingdale, this week, as Machon  explored Boston for 4 days, Bogrim plunged into their first Sababa week experiencing  culinary arts and Chesed activities in New York City while other Bogrim campers set off hiking the Appalachian Trail and still  others camped out in Macedonia State Park. Solelim spent a day at the Basketball Hall of Fame and Tzeirim splashed down in a water park. In camp, Macheneh Aleph enjoyed an intensive Three Day Sports Clinic in which professionals taught and enhanced Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, softball, football and hip hop skills. It was thrilling to watch exhilarated campers practicing and playing.   In the Arts, too, play rehearsals  have begun and all are preparing for the Rikudiyah (dance festival).

After bidding farewell to Camp Ramah in Nyack campers who spent a day of activities and an overnight with Nitzanim  we will welcome several Shabbat guests including Avi Chai’s  Sholom Orzach.  We are also  preparing  camp for a poulation  increase of  400+ as we host Camper 2014  Day, JV Palmer Day, and Yom Bogrei Ramah on Sunday.  Please  continue to catch glimpses of CRB in action through Kol Ramah ( 102.3 FM) and Podcasts, on our YouTube Channel, our blog and Facebook.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Resnick