Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 3

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DSC00863Today could not have been more spectacular. Glistening sunshine and a Camp bustling with activity—It’s Chavaya Yisraeali–Israel Experience Day.  The chadar ochel bounced to Israeli music at breakfast as our mishlachat introduced a half day filled with Israeli culture.  From the shuk in machane aleph to an Israeli army boot camp to making  laffa  bread over an open campfire to simulating Dead Sea mud baths at the agam, the entire Camp was transformed.
Today’s Chavaya Yisraeli was the perfect culmination for Bogrim, Machon and Gesher, who spent a good portion of the week outside of Camp.  Bogrim’s Sababa took the chanichim to Dover HS for theater, cooking, and Frisbee with some campers on biking and hiking trips.Machon enjoyed a trip to Niagara Falls making interesting stops along the way.  And, Gesher, explored Washington,DC while incorporating an exciting hesed project. In camp, too, Solelim campers were engaged in an Intensive  3 days of activities of their choice. Machane Aleph’s program also had a special flavor as all were involved in what has come to be a CRB “tradition”—the Sports Clinic.
We had the opportunity to welcome Chancellor Arnie Eisen, Rabbi Mitch Cohen, and Rabbi Ethan Linden on Tuesday. Chancellor Eisen studied with our Leadership Team and JTS students. As we toured camp together,he was  highly impressed with Camp’s vitality and ruach and confirmed that our mission and our work is essential.
Starting with  Camper 2017 Day, last Sunday, where 200 prospective campers and families experienced a brief introduction to Camp,  we have been consumed with awesome and amazing programming.  The energy in machane ramah  is contagious!
  I am looking forward to greeting you this Sunday on Visiting Day.
Shabbat Shalom.